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TigerEye Millennium

Founded in 2020, we specialize in capturing the spirit of America’s political campaigns, historic milestones, and today’s most important trending issues.  Top quality. The latest in design. Lasting impressions. We are TigerEye Millennium. 


Political Americana

Own a part of America’s political history. Find limited edition posters, buttons and other political paraphernalia from some of America’s most prominent – and not so prominent – candidates and campaigns.

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American Milestones

Celebrate the historic achievements of America’s leaders, celebrities and political advancements. Find limited edition collections featuring some of America’s most important milestones.

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American Hot Topics

Hashtag Americana. Find limited edition collector’s buttons for the most important issues shaping America’s future. Find trending topics, celebrities and more.

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Contemporary Elections

We specialize in creating high quality, limited-edition keepsake campaign buttons and related items for current candidates and their staff and volunteers – as well as their most dedicated supporters.

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  • Limited-edition candidate buttons
  • Specialty buttons for campaign staff and volunteers
  • Personalized supporter buttons
  • High quality, customized bulk orders

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Who We Are…

TigerEye Millennium is a rural midwestern small business. We’re locally-owned and operated, American made and dedicated to capturing the spirit of America for generations to come. Learn more…


Meet Our Team

Tony Baltes

Owner and Sales Manager

Herb Shemwell

Graphics and Design


A collector’s dream come true. TigerEye Millennium has the most amazing graphics, and quality built to last. It’s the best I’ve seen in more than 30 years of collecting.


The historic milestones are my favorite items. It’s so awesome to see these important events in our country’s history captured this way. 


These are the most amazing candidate buttons I’ve come across. Keep it up!